Join the time travel to the 90s, relive the memories! All about the popular culture of the 1990s like music, stars, films are on disco90s.com. See how a lifestyle the previous generation have.

When you enter disco90s, you see the showcards and reviews of the classics from all the categories. To view them one by one, choose one of these categories: music, people, fashion, television, products, movies, games, radio.

This web site will be upgraded to meet you with these eventful years. You will find most popular events, vintages, and news.
There are some categories that are explained with details below:

1) 90s Television
Television was the most important device for both entertainment and communication in 1990s, so TV shows were so popular, mostly sitcoms in America. The teen soap genre, medical dramas, animated series started to come into televisions.
In this category, you see the reviews of the TV Shows, TV Series, Short Films, Actors and Actresses that were watched and followed by major of people worldwide.

2) 90s Fashion
1990s was the decade of the people with flannel shirt and bleached blond hair. See the 90s fashion trends like short skirts, long jackets, and sunglasses.

3) 90s Movies
In 90s movies category, there are movie trailers, unforgettable scenes and posters of the popular actors and actresses. You will get information about these films thanks to the guidelines . However, you cannot watch the films on our website. We publish just the reviews of the most favourite films.

4) 90s Music
The Best Songs that the previous generation was used to listen are on disco90s.com. You will find the 90s music play lists, the guidelines of the concerts as well as music types like grunge, rock, punk, heavy metal, slow love songs.
In this decade, the music market was more segmented. New music styles appeared like R&B, electronic dance music, eurodance etc.

5) 90s Games
Video games were popular in 1990s. PlayStation, a video game console, was released in this decade. There were 2D platform games like tetris. Toward the end of the century fighting games like Street Fighter, Mortal Combat gain popularity. Visit soon and see the 90s classics games.

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