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doug7Doug is an American animated sitcom. It was created by Jim Jinkins and co-produced by his studio, Jumbo Pictures. The show focuses on the early adolescent life of its title character, Douglas “Doug” Funnie, who experiences common predicaments while attending school in his new hometown of Bluffington. Doug narrates each story in his journal, and the show incorporates many imagination sequences. The series addresses numerous topics, including trying to fit in, platonicand romantic relationships, self-esteem, bullying, and rumors. Numerous episodes center on Doug’s attempts to impress his classmate and crush, Patti Mayonnaise.

Doug originally aired on Nickelodeon in the United States. Along with Rugrats and The Ren & Stimpy Show, it comprised the original three Nicktoons, premiering simultaneously on August 11, 1991 and ending on January 2, 1994. Following the acquisition of the former Jumbo Pictures by Disney in 1996, the series aired on ABC as part of the former Disney’s One Saturday Morning programming block. The second series premiered on September 7, 1996, and ended on June 26, 1999 while having afeature film adaption. In 2011, the Nickelodeon series became syndicated on TeenNick’s then newly debuted The ’90s Are All That block.


Doug Funnie and his family move from the town of Bloatsburg to Bluffington after his dad receives a job promotion. Often, Doug will write in his journal about his experiences in his new hometown. Bluffington is loosely based on the city of Richmond, Virginia, where creator Jim Jinkins was born and raised.


Douglas Yancey “Doug” Funnie: Doug is depicted as an contemplative, often anxious, and at times gullible 11½ year old boy with a strong imagination. He wants to fit in with the crowd. He has a talent for writing and he plays a banjo in his spare time.

Mosquito “Skeeter” Valentine : Skeeter is Doug’s best friend. He is famous in both series for the honking sounds he frequently makes.

Roger M. Klotz: Roger is Doug’s archrival and the town’s local school bully. He’s older than others in his class, as it took him three years to graduate from sixth grade.

Patricia “Patti” Mayonnaise: Doug’s love interest. Towards the end of the both the Nickelodeon and Disney series, they become close friends and develop romantic feelings for each other. Patti is a star athlete with multiple talents and can be very competitive.

Beebe Bluff: The stereotypically spoiled heiress to the Bluff family fortune. Beebe is the daughter of Bill Bluff, the richest man in the town and a friend of Mayor White.

Porkchop : Doug’s anthropomorphic pet dog and sidekick that is one of Doug’s sidekicks and accompanies him nearly everywhere he goes.

Stinky: Roger’s magenta anthropomorphic cat. Stinky, first and foremost, loves her owner Roger Klotz.

Mr. Bud Dink : A slightly eccentric, purple-skinned, dimwitted, retired neighbor of the Funnies and the first neighbor Doug meets.

Theda Funnie : Doug, Judy, and Dirt Bike’s mother, generally portrayed as a housewife, but sometimes a working mother too

Phil Funnie: Doug, Judy, and Dirtbike’s father who works as a photographer for the Busy Beaver department store.

Judy Funnie: Doug’s older sister and the oddball of the family, she is obsessed with the works of William Shakespeare, and is an aspiring actress and artist who attends a special art school for gifted individuals.

Cleopatra “Dirtbike” Funnie: The baby sister of the family, appearing only in the Disney series.

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